Monday, July 5, 2010


Happy Birthday to my Hero In HEAVEN.

Today is a bitter sweet day to me. My dad would of been 85 today, we always celebrated his birthday on the 4th of July.

My dad passed away January 26,2009 it was a long 3 weeks before he passed. He died of bacteria Pneumonia it is a very bad way to pass. Will never forget those last 5 days of his life, But praise God I know he is in perfect health now that he is in Heaven and I now I will see Him again.

I will post a blog about my dad soon.

My dad was a war war 2 veteran. He loved his country, his Savior, his family and his KJV bible and church family. He always made us laugh was great to be around. My kids loved him dearly. The day he passed my 2 year old learned to say Grandpa. Plus my 6 year old asked
Jesus to save him. We talk about my dad often to the kids so they will never forget him. when he passed I made a album of pic of him plus all his war papers and stuff so the grandkids would no what he did for this country and how special he was. My husband did a search of every gun and other stuff he did in the war and made copes of it and that is in the book also.

Spend all the time you have with your family and love ones you never no how long they will be on this earth. My dad was in good health until he got sick.

He will always be my hero and i will always have him in my Heart and have lots of memories.

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