Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy 20th Anniversay to my Husband

Today is my 20th Anniversary.

I just wanted to say thank you to my husband for 20 wonderful years.

You are not only my husband but my friend. You have truly blessed me more then I could ever say. Thank you for all you do for me and our family. I pray we have many more years together. You mean the world to me.

All my love,
your wife


All of a sudden it was love at first sight,
I acted on a feeling hoping it was right.
Oh my could this be the one,
He walks with God, believes in his Son.

Through out our courtship, he put God first,
We spent most of our dates going to church.
Now he is proposing, down on one knee
Lord, can I deal with his different personalities.

Please, please, God please help me
Marriage is a commitment, lifelong it should be
I have decided to say "yes"
Praying to God to guide me through the rest

Today is my wedding
I look at who is here
I start down the aisle
My head full of fears.

But as my dear father gives up my hand,
I look into his loving eyes and now I understand
My heart and my fears ease
I know this one is for me.

Ten, twenty years have gone by
My husband, my lover, my very best friend
I knew he would be here for me through thick and thin.

No one could ever be as lucky as I,
I have a great marriage with a wonderful guy.
So until that day when death do us part,
He can rest assured he has all my heart.

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