Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy 21st Anniversary to my Husband

Today marks 21 years of our life together. We have been truly blessed in 21 years.
We have been blessed with 6 kids, And a great life together, we have come a long ways in 21 years we have had are differences , had our ups and downs (but we have had more ups then downs). God has blessed me with a wonderful Christian husband , who is there for me when I am sad, Sick , or just need a hug. My husband has always been there for me no matter what.

I am looking forward to many more years with my husband,This past year I have fell in love with my husband all over again I have fell more in love with him this year them in the other years. I don't ever want to lose him. He is my life.

Happy 21st Anniversary to the greatest husband in the world.

I found 2 poems that i really like and I want to share them with you. (these are how I feel toward my husband)

I promise you my love forever

Theres so many things that I love about you
I could name so many things you continue to do
You always stand by my side and show you care
Good times and bad you're always there.

In sad times you always manage to make me smile
The way you promise we'll be together to walk down the aisle
I love the moment we look into each others eyes
A love so beautiful I have invisible happy cries

I love the way we both know that we belong
Through tough times we've proven to always be strong
The warmth of your hug when you hold me tight
In bad times you promise everything will be alright

I love it when you tell me we'll always be forever
I know now and all our days we'll face everything together
Times that are hard and my eyes start to cry
Your hand is always there to wipe them dry

I love spending my days with you, they are so much fun
Together on rainy days and under the glowing sun
I love seeing you in the day and dreaming of you at night
I keep every memory with me and you're never out of my sight

I love your gentle touch and your words that are sweet
Every time I'm with you my heart still skips a beat
I love it when you know I feel sad
You will do anything just to make me glad.

No one in this lifetime can understand the way I feel
Mornings I wake up sometimes still wondering if this is all real
Your love and comfort is what I'll forever need
You're not only a boyfriend but my soul mate indeed.

I love the way its taken us ages to find
The most divine love between us, for I call you mine
Every single day is better because you have brightened my life
I hope to one day have the privilege of becoming your wife

I respect each word you say that comes out of your heart
I promise you that nothing can tear us apart
I love the way you've taken away all my pain
And still to this day your love keeps me sane

I love the feeling I get when I hear your name
I know that when I say I love you, you feel the same
I cherish you so much and thank God I found you
I promise to my everyone and to your love I'll always be true


My Promise

In a world where
Dreams don't come true
God performed a miracle
And sent me you
And God will be an
Everyday part of our lives
So our love will become
Stronger and forever strive

I promise to stand beside you
Forever and always
But God will come before anyone
Or anything for all our days
God will be our leader, guide
Comforter, our all and all
He will bind our love forever
Together for all our days
So it may never fail

If we do God's divine will
And do as He says to do
He will bind our marriage
Together forever and see us thru
Though we may never
Have many earthly treasures
What matters is God's count
And what He measures

But I promise to do my all
My very best to take care of you
To stand beside you through thick or
Thin and see this marriage thru
But no matter what Satan does
Or tries to throw our way
I promise to love you forever
The way I do today.

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