Friday, July 27, 2012

Quick Thought

Quick Thought Jim, a 16 year old Christian boy, came to his dad with a serious question. "Dad, I have a question," Jim asked. "I'm busy. I don't have the time," his dad quickly replied. Jim went to his mom. "Mom, I have a question." " Not now, Jim. I'm trying to prepare dinner," she answered. So where did Jim go next? He went outside to his friend, Tom. "What have you been doing," Tom asked. "Trying to get a question answered,... Hey! maybe you can answer my question" Jim said. "Do you think it's okay to have a beer if you don't get drunk," Jim slowly asked? "Of course it is! It's perfectly fine!" Tom replied. There is a lot of truth to this story. If you won't answer your kids questions, then the world will. Often times, when a child comes to his parent with a serious question, (that could have an impact on their future) the parent is to busy to answer his child's question. Kids need the advice of their parents, or else they will go to their friends and receive the wrong advice. Most of the time, this wrong advice will change a Christian kid to a one that has a ruined life. Parents if you ignore your kids questions when they are young, they will ignore your answers when they're old. Please answer your kids questions, it could change their future. Your friends will influence you for good or bad. Kids, choose your friends wisely. Don't pick a friend, just because they're popular in school. Don't pick a friend, just because he has the coolest video games. Don't pick a friend just because he wears the best clothes. Don't pick friends, just because you look cool with them around. So, how do we know what people to hang around? 1: Ask your parents advice. The truth is, if your parents are Christians, your parent will have some, if not the best, advice on which people to hang around. Parents will see what you don't in other kids. Trust your parent's advice and obey it. 2: Look at that particular person's spiritual background. Often, most kids don't have the best spiritual life. You know why? Probably because, they are listening to the wrong things on their MP3, watching the wrong things on TV, and looking at the wrong things on their PC. Spirituality is the key to finding the right friend. 3: Pray. This may sound funny, but God is very interested in the friends you pick. Friends are some of the most important influences in your life. God is very, very interested in who is influencing you. Your friends should be picked by you, your parents, and God. God should be your best friend, and He wants you to talk to Him about the friends you have. In today's world, these two subjects are a major problem because nobody wants to correct them. It is about time us Christians stood up for the right and pushed these problems out of America.

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