Wednesday, May 5, 2010

kid think they are cute

I have notice that the pants I got when I started in January my pants getting loser and my shirts I got last month are to lose in the shoulders.

well today I was bending over and my 10 year old said mommy pull up your pants I see your underwear (I am always yelling at him to pull up his pants or put on his belt) well I told him my pants where up as far as they could go, he said put on a belt I told him my pants did not have loops to but a belt threw. I told him my my waist is smaller then when i got the pants he looked at me and walked away.

I think its time to start to wear normal pants not the ones that have elastic. My shorts I got last month is to big also.

so even if the scale does not move your inches does. Only thing is you lose it more in place you really do not need to lose it then where you want to lose it.

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